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Children are known to be curious and have a need to explore, which can be good at times, but can also end up landing them in a dangerous situation. When your child is hurt in an accident, it can be hard to know what to do. Your first instinct will be to do whatever you can for your child, but after seeking medical attention, you need to consider how this accident will impact your child’s future.

Accidents and injuries to children can cause emotional trauma and physical disabilities. Your child may need years of counseling or physical therapy to live a normal life. In some cases, they may never return to life as they knew it before the accident.

Common Accidents Involving Children

What is an “Attractive Nuisance”?

If your property contains items that both draw children in and threaten them with harm, the law places a special responsibility on you to take steps to protect the children who may come onto your property, known as the “attractive nuisance” doctrine. Typically, the attractive nuisance doctrine has three components:

  1. The law doesn’t expect children to fully comprehend the dangers they may face
  2. If a property owner has reason to believe that children might come onto their property, the law places a special responsibility on them to prevent harm
  3. If a property owner fails to meet this responsibility, they will most likely be held liable for the child’s injuries

Typical attractive nuisances include:

  • Dangerous animals
  • Machinery and equipment (i.e. lawnmower)
  • Walkways and stairs
  • Swimming pools
  • Wells and tunnels

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