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Birth Injury Lawyer Philadelphia, PA Birth Injury Lawyer Philadelphia, PA

A Birth Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia, PA at McEldrew YOung has represented parents who are probably just like you, who are devastated from a medical mistake that left their baby suffering. The day a child is born is supposed to be one filled with joy and pride for the parents. But unfortunately, medical errors during pregnancy, amidst labor, or minutes after delivery can lead to serious harm in the newborn. If the doctor, nurse, or other staff who attended to you during the birth of your baby is at-fault for causing an injury or illness, then now is the time to ask with support from a member of our dedicated legal team. 

Legal Support During an Emotional Time

If you have recently given birth to a baby with medical problems, you need the help of a Philadelphia, PA birth injury lawyer from McEldrew Young Purtell Merritt. You are likely completely overwhelmed with the day-to-day care that you must give to your child, not to mention the time you need to heal from delivery and deal with the emotional toll of having a sick child. All of this means that you may not have taken the time to consider why your child was born with an injury and if it could have been caused by your medical team during delivery. Even if you have wondered if your child was injured during delivery, you may not have the time or mental energy to spend figuring out what to do about it.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, reach out to a qualified member of our legal team in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The right attorney can help you determine whether you and your child received proper care during delivery and whether filing a lawsuit is the right choice for you to help you get your life back on track.

How Birth Injuries Can Happen During Labor

When a woman goes into labor, acting quickly is vital to the wellbeing of both mom and child. From the second you walk or are wheeled into the hospital for intense contractions, the medical staff are expected to provide a certain standard of medical care. As a Birth Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia may tell you, if the staff sway from this standard and an error occurs that leads to harm of the baby, they can be held legally responsible.

Monitoring the mother and baby before, during, and after labor is critical. Today’s hospitals have technology that can track the vital signs of mom and baby, such as blood flow and oxygen. Medical staff can then take prompt action if an issue were to arise suddenly. However, poor monitoring and not uncommon, and we have seen the way that newborns can suffer.

Birth injuries can happen during labor if the following occurs: 

  • Medical staff give the mother the incorrect dosage and/or medication type
  • Medical staff fails to read the mother’s chart for pre-existing conditions
  • Medical staff fails to respond to the mother and/or baby when in distress
  • The doctor fails to identify the need for a c-section
  • The doctor fails to send the mother to a c-section procedure within a reasonable timeframe
  • The doctor used birthing tools in an improper or overly aggressive manner

How the Newborn May Suffer

After the baby is delivered, the parents may observe abnormalities right away. The baby may be turning slightly blue, have cuts on their skin, disfigurement due to bone fractures, and limp limbs due to nerve damage. A Philadelphia, PA Birth Injury Lawyer can only imagine the terror and anguish that parents feel after realizing their baby isn’t perfectly healthy, and that the staff could have contributed to their baby’s suffering. It is also possible that the parents don’t notice anything was wrong until months or years later, when the baby hasn’t reached growth milestones. We strongly encourage parents to get legal help promptly, since there may be a statute of limitations for the state of Pennsylvania when filing birth injury lawsuits.

Here are just a few examples of the types of questions that our team can help answer:

  • How do I know if my baby was injured during birth?
    Ultimately, the answer to this question depends on the facts of your case and can only be answered by an independent medical professional who your attorney will help you find to review your file. However, if your child has a brain injury, muscle injury, or was stillborn, there is a chance that these injuries were caused by the negligent actions of your medical team.
  • What do I do if my medical team hurt my baby?
    If the negligent actions of your medical team hurt your baby, you can file a lawsuit on your baby’s behalf to recover money damages. You can also file a complaint with your doctor’s medical board. Both of these remedies can give you closure, and can help make sure that your doctor and his medical team are less likely to make the same mistake in the future.
  • Is it worth it to file a lawsuit on my baby’s behalf?
    The answer to this question depends, as always, on the facts of your case. Filing a birth injury lawsuit can be stressful, time consuming, and can be emotionally difficult, particularly if your infant died as a result of his or her injuries. Depending on the facts of your case, it may be difficult to prove that the medical team acted negligently during delivery. Remember, just because your baby was injured during delivery does not necessarily mean that you will win your lawsuit. However, filing a claim can be the best way for you to get some compensation for your loss and can be the first step to repairing the lives of your family. A birth injury lawyer from PA knows that lawsuits do not always end in trial. Sometimes, settlement can be the most efficient way to resolve your claim.

Common Birth Injuries
Giving birth to a child can be an incredibly rewarding experience. However, if mistakes happen during the delivery process that cause birth injuries in your baby, it can be very devastating. Birth injuries can lead to serious problems in your child’s life and may be irreversible. Here are some of the most common birth injuries:

Spinal Cord Injuries
Spinal cord injuries are one of the most dangerous birth injuries that can occur. The injuries are usually the result of a doctor straining a baby’s neck by twisting, pulling or using tools to take the baby out of the birth canal. Common symptoms of spinal cord injuries include spasms, breathing problems, loss of muscle function in limbs and loss of bladder and bowel function. While mild spinal cord injuries can eventually heal, more severe injuries may require a high level of personal care for a lifetime.

Brain Injuries
When a baby is deprived of oxygen too long during the delivery process, brain damage is more likely to occur. Oxygen deprivation is most commonly caused by a failure to correctly monitor a baby during delivery and immediately after birth. Even mild oxygen deprivation can result in severe brain damage, including intellectual disabilities.

Bone Fractures
A fracture to the collarbone is the most common type of fracture during delivery and typically occurs when a doctor pulls on the infant too aggressively while in the breech position. Generally, immobilization is suggested to treat these fractures. The good news is that fractures typically heal in time and don’t have long-term effects on a child.

Newborn babies are very susceptible to infections, so it’s important to doctors and other hospital staff to take steps to protect them. If the medical staff doesn’t maintain proper hygiene during the delivery process, newborns can develop infections that are life-threatening.

Erb’s Palsy
Erb’s palsy affects the arm movement, strength and sensation and are typically caused by twisting a baby’s head and neck to twist in the birth control or stretching a baby’s shoulder as it goes through the birth canal. The condition can cause several health issues, including paralysis in the upper arm, inability to fully grip with the hands and fingers and weakness in the affected arm.

Consulting With McEldrew Young Purtell Merritt
If your baby suffered birth injuries because of a doctor’s negligence, it’s important to speak to a PA Birth Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia as soon as possible. You may be entitled to compensation. We can review the details in your case and advise you the best way to proceed. He or she can help you gather evidence, identify key witnesses, negotiate with insurance companies and protect your legal rights. At McEldrew Young Purtell Merritt, we understand how devastating it is to find out that your baby has a birth injury and want to offer our help. Call us today to set up a free consultation.

Birth injuries are serious and must not be taken lightly. Our legal team is committed to helping parents get the justice and compensation they deserve for the heartbreak. Please call us today to book your free appointment, before the hospital has a chance to cover their tracks. If you have additional questions about what a birth injury lawsuit looks like, or how it may benefit your family, reach out to a Philadelphia Birth Injury Lawyer from McEldrew Young Purtell Merritt now.