Amputation Injury Lawyers

Losing a body part can lead to life-long difficulties for the victims and families of a tragic accident. Victims can go through years of physical and psychological struggles that require physical rehabilitation and daily life adjustments. Even the simplest of tasks can become a challenge. Many victims of traumatic accidents have suffered serious life changes due to the loss of:

  • An upper limb (including fingers, hand, wrist, forearm, upper arm, shoulder blade or collar bone)
  • A lower extremity (including toes, a foot, lower or upper leg, or pelvis)
  • Facial parts (including eyes and eyelids, ears, nose and lips)
  • Skin due to degloving (skin separation)

Reasons for having an amputation

There are many reasons that an amputation may be necessary. One of the leading causes of amputation is trauma, which happens when the body suffers a serious injury due to sudden physical force. A trauma generally occurs in places that we visit daily: work, on the road, or at home. The most common traumatic amputations result from:

  • Workplace accidents – employees use potentially hazardous equipment such as fork lifts, trash compactors, saws and presses, grinders, conveyors, pulleys, food slicers and other industrial machinery
  • Auto accidents – that cause crushing, pinning, severing, burning, degloving or broken bones that don’t heal
  • Truckbus and train accidents – that cause passengers to be ejected, crushed, burned or tossed violently throughout the cabin
  • Pedestrian accidents – people are hit by cars or large vehicles while crossing the street, walking on sidewalks, standing at intersection curbs, or waiting at public transportation stops
  • Burns – resulting from chemicals, electricity, and thermal sources (such as fire and hot oil)
  • Defective products – such as faulty power tools, kitchen appliances, gas grills, or car parts that malfunction or explode.

If you or a family member has suffered an injury resulting in an amputation, please don’t hesitate to fill out our form or call us today at 1-800-590-4116. We are here to provide you the legal support you need, while undergoing the recovery process.


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