Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Attorneys

If a member of your family in Philadelphia suffers brain injury or death because of carbon monoxide poisoning, contact one of our catastrophic injury attorneys for a free initial legal consultation.  Our carbon monoxide lawyers will evaluate whether the accident warrants a lawsuit against one or more negligent parties.


Carbon monoxide is an invisible, tasteless, odorless gas which poses risks in spaces lacking sufficient ventilation.  Estimates are that as many as 500 people die in the United States every year because of carbon monoxide exposure and another 10,000 or more a year are injured.


CO enters the bloodstream and binds with hemoglobin.  If a sufficient amount of hemoglobin which normally carries oxygen throughout the body binds with CO, then the body will suffer from oxygen starvation.  The effects of this condition include anoxic brain injury and even cardiac death in individuals with heart conditions.  Others fall asleep from asphyxiation and never wake up.

Who might be liable for this injury?

The landlord might be responsible depending on your state and the law there.  If the landlord failed to maintain or repair a device, or did so negligently, a plausible cause of action is a possibility.  In a number of states, landlords are required to provide a CO detector.  In PA for example, all apartment units and multifamily dwellings in PA must have a carbon monoxide alarm within the vicinity of the bedroom in a unit.

The manufacturer of a faulty stove, heater, furnace or fireplace that results in carbon monoxide could be held responsible under a product defect theory.

The builder of a home might be liable for faulty construction or failure to install a detector in a new home if a state requires them to do so.  Pennsylvania, for example, is one of the states that requires a carbon monoxide detector in new construction.

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